Relationships, Sex and Health Education

Our school’s approach to Relationships, Sex and Health Education (RSHE) follows that of the Church of England Education Office in that it seeks to be faith-sensitive and inclusive. 

As a Church School, RSHE is set in a context that is consistent with our school’s Christian ethos and values:

  •  It is based on inclusive Christian principles and values emphasising respect, compassion, loving care and forgiveness.
  • It is sensitive to the circumstances of all children and mindful of the expressions of family life in our culture, yet it also upholds the Christian values regarding relationships and marriage.
  • The exploration of reproduction and sexual behaviour within the science curriculum will stand alongside the exploration of relationships, values and morals and Christian belief.
  •  Our aim is that the RSHE curriculum protects, informs and nurtures all pupils.

    RSHE at Central Walker Church of England Primary School is about what constitutes wellbeing and loving care for ourselves (physical and mental health education), how we show loving care for others (relationships education) and, when at an appropriate age and stage in life, how we show loving care to those we choose to be intimate with, including within marriage (sex education).

    It is also about the spiritual and moral aspects of healthy, loving and nurturing relationships within a context of a Christian vision for the purpose of life.